Wadi Rum

Jordan, the mystic country on the old route between Egypt and Mesopotamia. It’s a cultural filled place, history shaken, stuck in between big rivals of the region. We arrived in the fantastic scenery of the southern desert of Wadi Rum which made our eyes blink with jaws dropping into the pure beauty of this unique landscape.

Wadi Rum Jordan
The entrance to Wadi Rum
The famous red desert
Melting rock formations

With our tour guide of the Wadi Rum Nomads, we spent 2 fantastic days and one breathtaking night under the stars of the famous red desert. Wadi Rum was the backdrop for many big movies like Larence from Arabia and The Martian. The walls of the huge stoneblocks seem to melt and flow down the steep red cliffs. Forms created in millions of years by erosion from wind and water. Nights so dark, you can’t see the sand in front of your feet but skies so clear, we saw shooting stars and could differentiate the shooting star itself and the red fire tail.

dusk in the red desert
Dusk in the red desert
Nights with crystal clear skies

On day two our journey took us even deeper into the red desert. We reached the highlight when we climbed a mountain where our fantastic guide Nawaf brew tea with fresh herbs he collected in the surroundings. All of this with Sauda Arabia in the background.

Sunrise in the red desert
Sunrise in the red desert
Our guide Nawaf
Our guide Nawaf
Pause with a view
On the way to the peak
Tea pause with fresh herbs at the peak
Tea with fresh herbs at the peak
Saudi Arabia

Wadi Rum was by far the deepest impression in 2018. We had no idea what was coming and left deeply impressed by the beauty of this place. Even today we still talk about this experience as one of the most incisive.