Oh Praha. A city we spent weeks of joy and good times. You made us fall in love over and over again. Since the early 2000s, we came to your warm lap to enjoy your lifestyle, your great beer, and see many friends we made in the years. Today Prague feels like a second home. It’s a culturally rich city, full of history and fantastic architecture.

Central Prague with the astronomic clock
A walk along the small roads in the city center

But Prag is much more than architecture and historic buildings. Next to the fantastic scenery, you’ll find art and street motives on every corner. I have been there at least 30 times and never get bored by this fantastic gem in Europe.

And of course, there are the Czechs in Prague. A crazy little nation loving it’s country and treating beer like a religion. No one offers you a Pilsener Urquell from the Tank like the czechs do. It’s just perfection…

So time for the sun to set and enjoy Prague at night. It is a crazy place where anything can happen. From a beer garden on a warm summer night to the catacombs of a mask party. Just go with the flow.

DĂȘkuji beautiful Prague for having us so many times. A special thanks goes out to David, who started all of this and made so many visits possible and the reason to come back. And of course a big thank to our Czech family 🙂