A road trip to Slovenia. That was our rough plan. An old but reliable car, a tent, and your hiking boots. We were ready for a fantastic time. We started with a stopover in Bavaria and Italy before we arrived in Slovenia.

Schloss Neuschwanstein Bavaria
Schloss Neuschwanstein
Füssen in Bavaria
Lago di Garda
Osteria in Venice (Print available in Gallery)

Crossing the border and arriving in Slovenia we stopped over in Piran. And what a surprise. Piran stole our hearts from the second we arrived. This small and picturesque city on a small land tip squeezed in between Italy and Croatia is one gem. The small alleys with its colorful houses. The fresh maritime food on the boats and swimming platforms just a step from the bars and cafes at the promenade. Every aspect of Piran was truly fantastic and a unique memory.

Piran Slovenia Droneshot
The small alleys of Piran

After soaking in the relaxed vibe of the Mediterranean sun we were ready to conquer more of Slovenia and visit the rest of the country. From Piran, we started for a road trip at the Lipica horse stables, followed a winding journey along the Soca valley with its crystal blue river. We followed the road up to Vrsic Pass near the border to Austria and took a stopover in the touristic, but beautiful lake Bled. We prefered the „end of the world“ at Bohjinsko Jezero, west of Bled. The camping place at the western shore is the hidden gem of Triglav national park.
The road trip ended in Ljubljana, a city with so much to explore that still kept its laid back atmosphere. We did the special Ljubljanayum food tour we can just recommend to do!

The Soca valley
The Soca river
Vrsic Pass
Vrsic Pass
The end of the world Bohinjsko Jezero
Chill after a day full of hiking (Print available in gallery)
Lake Bled
Laid back Ljubljana

We had the chance to make some video shots on the trip and combine them to a short video of our trip. Enjoy the following video impressions of Slovenia: