India is a challenge for every traveler. If coming to India without an idea of the country is like jumping into the cold water, coming to Mumbai is like jumping into a boiling pot of water. That’s what an Indian friend told me once. And he wasn’t wrong.

Mumbai is loud, smelly, full of people on every corner and poor. But Mumbai is colorful too, it’s full of opportunities and fortune hunters, it’s alive and all of this right in your face when you arrive. I was there too shoot a wedding and had next to the 3 wedding days in a row about 2 days to visit this crazy place.

Temple in Mumbai
Temple in Mumbai

When you walk the streets of Mumbai you won’t get around meeting people and have some interesting conversations. I met cricket players, taxi drivers, salesmen, and religious people. I can’t wait to be back!

Cricket placer in Mumbai
Cricket player in Mumbai
Taxi to Mumbai
Taxi to Mumbai (print available in gallery)
Make me laugh
Make me laugh (print available in gallery)
Christian in Mumbai
Christian in Mumbai