Argentina, you beauty at the end of the world. You stole my heart. I had three enchanting weeks with you. From the neverending concrete of Buenos Aires to the bustling student lifestyle in Cordoba, the impressive peaks of the highest mountains in the southern hemisphere, down to delicious wine near Mendoza ending up in Bariloche and El Calafate, my personal highlights of your fascinating and diverse appearance.

It all started in Buenos Aires. A city that is hard to describe in words. Buenos Aires is big. And by big I mean huge. The quarters are so different, you wouldn’t do justice by giving Buenos Aires simple descriptions. I walked, drove, and enjoyed as much as possible in the short time I had. From the central business district with its historic buildings next to skyscrapers to the laid back atmosphere and nightlife of Palermo and the colourful walls of La Boca – Buenos Aires offers you all you were ever looking for and didn’t know you needed.

Shadow and light in Argentina
Shadow and light
La Recoleta
La Recoleta
El Ateneo Grand Splendid
El Ataneo
Tango in La Boca
Tango in La Boca
street food in La Boca
Street Food in La Boca
Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires sunset

After I spent some days in Buenos Aires, I moved on for a short transfer across Rio de la Plata to see Colonia del Sacramento and Montevideo in Uruguay. From the heat of the city, you fall into the relaxation of Colonia del Sacramento. It’s a welcome change and gives your body and soul the time to relax and charge your batteries. If you compare Montevideo to other capital cities it seemed very chilled to me and you had the feeling time passes more slowly there.

Colonia del Sacramento
Carlos from Montevideo
Carlos from Montevideo
Live music in Montevideo
Live music in Montevideo
Tea lover of Iguazu
Tea lover in Momntevideo

I returned to Argentina and moved on to the jungles of Iguazu. On the triangle between Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina lies this small tropical town. It’s the base for almost everyone seeking to see the Cascadas de Iguazu. You will arrive in a touristic hell – but it’s worth it! Before you see the famous falls for the first time you can hear them. Like a prehistoric noise from an unstoppable power. Once I arrived at the first lookout I was stunned. This could be a scene from a Jurrasic Park movie. Nature once again shows how beautiful and fantastic it can arrange itself. 

Prehistoric landscape in Iguazu
The prehistoric landscape of Iguazu
Iguazu falls
Tres fronteras at Iguazu
Tres fronteras

Leaving Iguazu for a stopover in Mendoza and some tasty wine. If you have the time take the train to Maipú and have a fantastic bike trip in the vineyards of Mendoza with the Wine and Ride tour.

I had two days in Mendoza and decided to have a day trip to the highest peak in the southern hemisphere: The mighty Aconcagua. It’s a rough early morning ride into the sunrise in the Andes before you end in the mountainscape of this unreal landscape.

wineyards of Mendoza
Wineyards of Mendoza
vine from mendoza
Wine of Mendoza
Sunrise in the andes
Morning in the Andes
Aconcagua on the horizon
Aconcuagua on the horizon

Back to some even more relaxed places. The next stop was Bariloche, famous for the seven lakes in the area, the Patagonia brewery, and the popular winter sports possibilities in southern winter. Bariloche is quite touristic. But still, the surrounding sights of Patagonia and the mouth-watering taste of the beer from the Cervecería Patagonia is absolutely worth it. Grab a car and make a road trip around the seven lakes to San Martín de los Andes.

7 lakes bariloche
7 lakes near Bariloche
Beauty of Patagonia

The final stop on the Argentina experience was El Calafate and Perito Moreno near Lago Argentino. It is a mystic place in southern summer. Endless days with enchanting light. The blue colour of Lago Argentino and the majestic ice wall of Perito Moreno. Not many places have left such a remaining memory. I spent hours walking the shores, watching nature and wild horses until the southern sun finally set.

On the way to Puerto Morino
Perito Moreno on the horizon
At the end of the world
At the end of the world (Print available in gallery)
At the end of the world in El Calafate
El Calafate

Next to photography I had the chance to capture some of Argentinas beauty in a short video. Enjoy 5 minutes of South American beauty in this video.