Subway in Rio


Upstairs the heat of the Copacabana. Downstairs the air condition. A short escape from the heat upstairs. Waiting for a train to come. Sand on my feet, the swim shorts

Street View

Rio de Janeiro in February. Carnival in Rio. 5 days of craziness. The street is packed with people partying all day. We met in this unique place and got soaked


A place to chill after a long hike on a sunny day. We had our tour in Slovenia around Bohinjsko Jezero in central Slovenia. Fantastic landscape in almost untouched nature.


Friday night in Florence. Everyone is heading for the weekend and in a good mood. I was on a busy job in Florence and had no time to really see

Upstairs Dining

Upstairs Dining

The crown in the heart of London. Downstairs pub, upstairs dining. I love the atmosphere of British and Irish Pubs. Nothing like a good chat over a beer with some